SÉANCE coming soon

What lies beyond the veil that divides this world from the next? Philosophers and thinkers have pondered this question since time began. Hypnotist and illusionist Steve Spade might have some of the answers. Join him on a roller-coaster ride that could just change your view of life forever.

The show begins with a series of demonstrations that tune in the audience to the other world. The third eye is opened and people can explore their own psychic gift. Then the final thirteen are chosen to join Steve around the table. The lights are  dimmed, and the real show begins…

This is not a magic show. There are no tricks. Everything that happens is real. Because of this we cannot guarantee that anything will happen – but the spirits have not let us down yet! This is not a show for the faint-hearted. There may be scenes of a distressing nature. For this reason participants in the final experiment must be over eighteen.

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