VOODOO The Power of The Doll

Great minds have always understood that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophies. Masters of the arcane know that there are powers and forces operating under the surface of our lives – sometimes in dangerous ways. In Haiti they took it one step further. They learned to control those forces. Welcome to the world of the Houngan.

Hypnotist and illusionist Steve Spade needs to be in control, because in this show he puts his life on the line not once, but several times. He dices with death in a series of stunts and dangerous escapes. The show is packed with thrills, laughter and surprises.

But he also demonstrates his power over the elements, and over the minds of his audience in a series of audacious experiments. Watch in amazement as Steve harnesses the power of the Voodoo Doll to steal thoughts from spectators’ minds.

The show ends with a chilling display of power, as Steve uses the Doll to take complete control of the mind and body of a random spectator. It will blow your mind…

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