Steve Spade works the NBCRI Fundraising event in Mayo

Breast Cancer is something that has had an effect on a lot of us in some manner or another. Whether it’s been a friend, family member or acquaintance, we have all been touched by this horrible disease in some way. Luckily, there are organisations like NBCRI (National Breast Cancer Research Institute) out there, who do everything possible to discover new treatments for those suffering from Breast Cancer.


As a voluntary organisation NBCRI  have to use fundraising events to research these treatments and solutions. When they contacted us about having Steve perform at their event on the grounds of Ashford Castle in Mayo, we were more than happy to get involved. Steve performed a short stage spot to introduce himself before working the tables at the event for people like Una McDonagh (Supermacs) and Fionnuala Kenny (wife of taoiseach Enda Kenny). Steve got some great reactions, mostly when he burst balloons (on purpose, of course) drawing the attention of everyone in the room.

NBCRI is a great charity that deserves your attention. You don’t necessarily have to pledge your cash (although that would be nice) but even liking their facebook page and sharing the odd post will raise awareness and help this fantastic charity out. Expect new photos over on the gallery page of the site soon.


Steve had a great time at the event (as did I, taking photos and handling social media) and we would love to work with this fantastic charity again.