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A master of Illusion and deception, Steve has become one of the most daring Irish escape artists of all time. Growing up as a Houdini fanatic, Steve rose to fame in 2011 when he cheated death in an audacious underwater escape which Houdini himself would have been proud of. Steve was bound by 30ft of chain and placed into a wooden crate which was sealed shut. Steve was then lowered into Limerick’s River Shannon with 90 seconds to escape doing so with only moments left on the clock to over 2000 applauding fans who lined the river bank to witness the most daring stunt ever performed in the city.

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In October 2012, just when people thought that Steve could not take it to the next level, he proved everyone wrong. The daredevil extraordinaire decided to do something resembling acts of the dark ages and a first of its kind for magicians worldwide. In the courtyard of Limerick’s 800 year old King John’s Castle, Steve was set on fire and burnt alive at the stake by 4 of Limerick’s fiercest fire breathing warriors in the ultimate Sacrifice. Over 1500 people from all over Ireland packed into King John’s castle to witness an incredible production which ended in the most daring escape man has ever witnessed.

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If your brand would like to receive national exposure in all of the main media outlets by becoming the main sponsor for one of Steve’s next daredevil stunts or if you feel that your venue would act as a suitable venue for one of Steve’s life altering illusions, click here to contact Steve’s stunt coordination team today.