That’s mind blowing.

Mike TysonFormer World Heavyweight Magician

It’s like You”re inside my head mate!!

ExamplePlatinum Selling Artist

“David Copperfield wears Steve Spade Pyjamas. Honestly the greatest magician I have ever seen. Flawless -Prepare to have your jaw dropping off the ground.”

Johnny WardActor - Love Hate

Steve never fails to amaze me with his close up magic and his humorous patter. Its’ great albeit annoying to leave an event and wonder how did he just do that? A real professional in all aspects of his craft and performance.

Brent PopeBroadcaster & Rugby Pundit

Steve is unbelievable. I Honestly couldn’t recommend him enough. His talent is second to none and has to be seen to be believed.

Emma DarrahWedding - December 2015

Thank you so much for doing your tricks at our wedding!! Everyone was blown away! Unbelievable!!”

Shane LongInternational Footballer - FAI

Unbelievably talented magician. Steve has worked for myself on numerous occasions and always has my brain fried with his new tricks and new material. His interaction with the crowd is amazing. This is the guy you need to kick start your party or events.

Al SkeltonManaging Director - Allstar Producers

We had the privilege of having Steve work with us for the Sparkle and Shine ball 2016. It was a high profile event with a lot of celebrities in attendance. Steve blew everyone away with amazing magic during our drinks reception and throughout the evening. Was such a great fit for such an important event. We can’t wait to have Steve at our next event.

Clive PowerSavoy Hotel Limerick

Steve Spade once told me that he could boil an egg by shouting at it!! Now that’s magic KID

Blindboy BoatclubRubber Bandits

At this stage, I am pretty sure that the Fairy folk of Ireland live in Steve Spade’s pockets. The guy is an absolute master.

Ari LehmanActor - First Jason - Friday the 13th